Word Finding Difficulties

Differential Diagnosis & Word Finding Intervention







  children's voices enlighten us


"Wish I could have choices instead of having to come up with words on my own. I know them, but I can't always think of them."


This Word Finding web site provides information about Word Finding for professionals, parents, and learners with Word Finding difficulties. Email the Author, Dr. Diane German, to ask questions about a learner's Word Finding difficulties, your own Word Finding difficulties, or the online course work offered in Word Finding.

Click here to learn more about It's On the Tip of My Tongue, a self-help book on Word Finding that improves your memory for words.



girl pondering

"Ya, it gets stuck on the thing in the back of my throat when the teacher calls on me."

boy thinking

"My words are like fish and I can't catch the one I want."

girl with fingers in mouth"It's like I got marbles in my mouth, I just can't always say those long words."

black haired boy
"Usually...no, it's  useful...no, it's useless! I really knew the word was'useless' from the beginning. I looked at it and knew what it was, but my mouth read the other two words first. It is so frustrating."